Who is the chaplaincy for

Everybody is welcome regardless of faith or belief. The chaplaincy is available to all members of airport staff, staff of airport partner companies, and to those who travel through the airport or who are just visiting. Conversations and contact with the Chaplain are confidential whether they be work related or of a personal nature.

The Reflection Room is a space set aside for prayer and quiet reflection whilst at the airport.

Can I pray out loud? In different faith traditions some prayers are meant to be spoken aloud. All we ask is that you are sensitive and respectful of others.

Practice, tradition and custom vary within and across faiths and beliefs. In many traditions the commencement of a journey is often accompanied by the need or desire to pray or simply to be quiet. Likewise hospitality is an important part of faith and belief. Please be hospitable and considerate in the use of the space.

Leeds Bradford Airport Chaplain: Alan Benstock | 0785 085 0920 |