Travel to Turkey from Leeds Bradford Airport

Travel to Turkey from Leeds Bradford Airport


Considered to be the place where East meets West, Turkey stands with one foot in Europe and one in Asia and a Turkish holiday offers a fascinating blend of the two.

Bodrum, Antalya and Dalaman airports serve the chain of resorts along Turkey's Aegean, Lycian and Mediterranean coasts.

For most, it is the spectacular coastline that is the main attraction, and Turkish beach holidays are justifiably popular. The warm seas, beautiful beaches and range of water sports make a beach holiday to Turkey a magnet for those who 'love to be beside the seaside'. The cultural treasures that Turkey has, ensures that there is much to do away from the beaches as well.

The cost of living in Turkey is cheap compared to most of Europe, so you will find that your spending money goes a long way in the bars and restaurants. And if you’re haggling skills are good, then it goes even further in the many bazaars, where you'll find lots of souvenirs of your Turkish holiday.

Many tour operators offer traditional package holidays to Turkey. Alternatively, you may prefer to choose a Turkish hotel from the selection available, and add this to a flight to Turkey, to create your ideal trip to Turkey. If you are visiting friends or family, you may not need to book accommodation in Turkey at all, and may wish to only search for flights to Turkey.

Typical cost of living in Turkey (all pricing is approximate):

Bottle of water: £0.20p
Cup of coffee: £1.57p
Pint of beer: £0.86p
Bottle of wine: £3.93
Coca Cola: £0.78p
Budget Meal: £3.93
Mid range 3 course meal: £13

Turkey boasts incredible landscapes and natural wonders, formed in part by its volcanic heritage that has seen the country dotted with thermal springs such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pamuakkale that keep on attracting tourist’s year on year.

Split into three areas: the Mediterranean Coast served by Antalya, The Lycian Coast served by Dalaman and the Aegean Coast served by Bodrum. You can be sure to find your perfect holiday in Turkey with many different types of accommodation from aqua hotels and apartments for the kids; quaint coastal hotels that offer a real insight into Turkish culture, or spa hotels for the true relaxation opportunist... Turkey truly has something for everyone.

A continued attraction to Turkey is of course its non Euro Zone currency, providing excellent value for money. With a wide variety of resorts to choose from, you may be spoilt for choice - whether it’s a quick break away in the sun, or a well organised trip in a spa hotel, Turkey also has something for all budgets.