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China is known for its warm and welcoming culture. The Chinese culture covers many traditional traits and Chéngdū is no exception. Leisure aside, Chéngdū has also become a business hub for many foreign companies worldwide and represents itself as a renowned city of entrepreneurship.

Travellers who love to discover will flourish in Chéngdū’s spiritual history, from museums to temples you’ll certainly have plenty of rich knowledge to soak up during your stay. The city’s western suburbs have an incredible 3000-year-old history about them. The Shu kingdom is beautifully displayed within the expansive Jīnshā Site Museum containing over 6,000 uncovered objects and relics which were created between 1200 and 600 BC. Of course, there is also the famous Tomb of Wáng Jiàn; a general who rose to power after the collapse of the Tang dynasty. Chéngdū’s largest and most preserved Buddhist temple is the Wénshū Temple; a dedicated Tany-dynasty monastery dedicated to the Bodhisattva of Wisdom.

Visitors who have an afternoon spare should take a stroll in The People’s Park, the city’s first public park since 1911, located in the Sichuan province. The city is famously known for its Panda reserve so animal lovers will thrive amongst the 120 giant and 76 red pandas at the Chéngdū Panda Base.

Among all the peacefulness of this city there are also five characteristically bustling streets that are lined up with unique street food, traditional and western shopping malls. Chunxi Road is the most historic with no shortage of shops to visit. Young trendsetters will be pleased to know The Imperial Examination Lane; a busy street packed with over 40 fashion boutiques is just a short walk from Chunxi Road and is well worth a visit too.  

The nightlife in Chéngdū is a growing culture with an eclectic mix of locals, students and expats. From tea houses to western bars, no matter what your drink or music preference is, there’s plenty of choice. Not sure where to start? The Beer Nest and Jellyfish Bar are both known for being two of the more popular hotspots. 

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