Special Assistance

There are a range of facilities available at Leeds Bradford Airport aimed at making air travel as easy as possible for passengers with reduced mobility (PRM).

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Pre Notify Your Assistance Requirements

You are required to notify your airline, tour operator or travel agent at the time of booking, if you require special assistance. This should be no later than 48 hours before you are due to travel. Your assistance requirements will then be forwarded to your departure airport, and the designated special assistance company will ensure assistance is made available to you. Failure to pre notify, may result in a delay to assistance upon your departure / arrival. You must also notify your airline, tour operator or travel agent if you are travelling with a mobility aid or assistance dog.

On The Day of Departure

Please allow plenty of time to travel to the airport and for the check in and security process. This will allow the special assistance team plenty of time to assist you to the departures area. We recommend arriving at the airport 2-3 hours before your scheduled time of departure.

Jet2.com 0203 059 8337
(Mon-Fri 0800-2100 and Sat-Sun 0900-1800)
(Less than 48 hours) 0113 391 3239 
Ryanair 0330 100 7839
TUI 0203 451 2585
Flybe  0139 226 8500
British Airways   0344 493 0787
KLM 0871 231 0000
Eastern Airways    0165 268 0600
Austrian Airways 0370 124 2526
Aer Lingus 0333 006 6921
Special Assistance LBA 0113 391 1607

Terminal Building

A map of the terminal building is available on the terminal map page. Lifts are available throughout the terminal building serving all floors. Disabled toilets are available throughout the terminal building and located on all floors. Maximum walking distances:

Car Parks to Terminal Front Main Entrance

  • Long Stay - serviced by internal shuttle buses, approximate walking time 15 minutes
  • Mid Stay - 3-4 minute / 340 metres
  • Car Hire - 3-4 minutes / 240 metres
  • Short Stay - 3 minutes / 220 metres
  • Terminal Front Express - 2 minutes / 100 metres
  • Main Entrance to Special Assistance desk - 0 minutes / 5 metres
  • Terminal Front Main Entrance to Check in Hall A - 1 minute / 50 metres
  • Terminal Front Main Entrance to Check in Hall B - 1 minute / 98 metres
  • Terminal Front Main Entrance to Disabled Toilet facility - 0 minutes / 18 metres
  • Terminal Front Main Entrance to International Arrivals Meet and Greet area - 1 minute / 46 metres
  • Security to Gate 6 Special Assistance Meeting point - 4 - 5 minutes / 250 metres
  • Security to Disabled Toilet - 2 minutes / 91 metres
  • Security to Furthest Boarding Gate - 7 - 8 minutes / 500 metres
  • Furthest Walking Stand to Immigration Control - 8 minutes / 449 metres
  • Immigration Control to Baggage Reclaim - 30-60 seconds / 40 metres
  • Baggage Reclaim to International Arrivals Meet and Greet Area - 1 minute / 76 metres
  • International Arrivals to Terminal Front - 30 seconds / 32 metres
  • International Arrivals to Special Assistance desk - 1 minute / 38 metres

Terminal Arrivals

On disembarking your aircraft you will either be transferred to the terminal by coach or, if your aircraft is parked adjacent to the passenger walkway, you will access the terminal on foot. Whilst Leeds Bradford Airport has some of the shortest passenger walking distances of any airport, at the halfway point to immigration there is a seating area where assistance may be summoned from a member of staff. Always advise your airline, in advance, of any special assistance you may require.

Special Assistance

For passengers who require special assistance please contact our special assistance team on 0113 391 1607. The special assistance line is manned from 0500 hours to midnight, seven days a week (this time may be subject to change on a seasonal basis). Alternatively the team can be contacted at prm@lba.co.uk.

In order to fully understand the service that our special assistance team provides to all persons with disabilities or reduced mobility on behalf of the airport community click here to view the persons with reduced mobility journey.

Mobility Equipment

Mobility equipment will be handed to / from the passenger / ground handling team at the aircraft side, and our special assistance team will continue to assist the passenger to their final designated point. Passengers who check in their equipment prior to starting their journey will be repatriated with their equipment at a designated point within the baggage reclaim area, of which our special assistance team will direct to.

Passengers travelling with an electric mobility aid are required to notify their airline at the time of booking, of the make, model including battery type to ensure this is accepted for travel. On arrival at the airport for a departure, passengers are required to report to the airline check in desk and our special assistance desk so the required documentation can be completed. To avoid disconnecting batteries, you can purchase an air safe plug from most mobility shops. This simply plugs in the charging socket and makes the device safe for travel.

Should damage occur, not caused by the passenger, to mobility equipment during transit, arrangements will be made for a temporary replacement on arrival, albeit not necessarily on a like for like basis. Wheelchairs, ramps and ambulift transport is available from our special assistance team, please contact them on 0113 391 1607 or prm@lba.co.uk.

Getting to the Airport 

Travel by Car

Blue badge parking spaces are available in all of the on-site official car parks, for further information please see here.

If you wish to travel with your blue badge, please display a photocopy of your badge in your windscreen. The disabled parking area is checked regularly and your car may be clamped if there is no sign of disabled parking entitlement.

If you experience difficulty at either the car park entry or exit point, assistance is available via the clearly indicated intercom button. Assistance is also available from the front of the terminal building to any stage prior to boarding the aircraft. This service is also available on return from your journey. 

Travel by Bus 

Leeds Bradford Airport is located between Leeds, Bradford and Harrogate and is easily accessible by public transport. A whole range of bus services make it quick and convenient to get to the airport, running daily from early morning to late night, including weekends and bank holidays.

Flying Tiger provides frequent, fast and daily services from Leeds bus, coach (for National Express and Megabus) and railway stations, Bradford and Harrogate. Visit www.flyingtigerbus.co.uk for more information. For further information on the other bus services in West Yorkshire, contact Metroline on 0113 245 7676 or www.wymetro.com.

The bus stops for all services are located approximately 1 minute walk from the terminal front, with all coaches wheelchair accessible. 

Travel by Taxi

Taxi Arrow Cars is the official private hire operator at the airport, passengers can visit Arrow's website to pre book the journey and class of vehicle to suit their requirements, for more information visit getting to the airport by taxi. Arrow Cars' drop off point is on the terminal front and the booking office is located less than 1 minute walk away for all bookings departing from the airport.

At the Airport

Assistance at the Airport

Passengers can experience assistance on many different levels at the airport, to suit all needs. On communicating your arrival at the airport, at the designated points, assistance can be provided from any of the onsite car parks, through check in and security through to assisting to the seat on the aircraft. The same applies to the inbound journey where assistance will be provided from the aircraft, through immigration and baggage reclaim, to a designated point within the car parks. The type of assistance required by every passenger is different and you should notify your travel agent, tour operator and airline at the time of booking of your requirements. Your requirements can be discussed with our special assistance team, and we can arrange an escorted quiet route through the airport, please contact us on 0113 391 1607 or email prm@lba.co.uk.

Airport Security

PRM passengers are advised that security processes and restrictions are applied to all passengers. Additional information can be found on our security page for the latest information. PRM passengers will be directed into the security area via an easily accessible route and those passengers travelling with their own wheelchairs or electric mobility aid, will be assisted by a security officer once within the search area. In addition, private search rooms are available within the search area by request. Mobility equipment passengers are entitled to travel within their own wheelchair or electric mobility aid, to and from the aircraft side. The passenger should still make themselves known to our special assistance team on arrival at the airport as the equipment must be presented to the check in agent to be tagged for travel.

Autism Awareness

Airports can be a busy place to travel through and for those passengers with autism we understand that this experience can be stressful. With the assistance of Leeds Autism Services, we have produced a guide to assist you on your day of travel. The journey covers various stages that you will go through including tips on what to pack within your hand luggage, your journey to the airport, check in, security and boarding the aircraft. 

The guide can be viewed by clicking here. You may also wish to print a copy to bring with you on your journey. If you do not have access to a printer, please contact us at infodesk@lba.co.uk and we will post a copy to you. 

Passengers who require assistance at the airport, through any part of their journey, should notify their airline / tour operator no later than 48 hours before you are due to travel. Your assistance requirements will then be forwarded to your departure Airport, and the designated special assistance company, our special assistance team will ensure assistance is made available to you.

We want to ensure a smooth journey for everyone through LBA so if you would like any further advice prior to you making a booking or prior to you arriving at the airport, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact a representative of our special assistance team on 0113 391 1607 or prm@lba.co.uk.

Assistance Dogs

LBA accepts registered assistance dogs if travelling on approved airlines and routes, as part of the Pet Travel Scheme. Passengers are required to notify their airline at the time of booking if they are travelling with an assistance dog. Please contact the special assistance helpdesk if assistance is required. No dogs are allowed in the terminal buildings unless assistance dogs or are transiting onto an aircraft.

Hidden Disability Lanyard Scheme

At Leeds Bradford Airport we recognise that travelling through the airport, can be stressful and for passengers with hidden disabilities this can be a significant challenge. In collaboration with a number of local organisations, we have been working to identify ways in which we can improve the airport experience.

Invisible disabilities, or hidden disabilities, are defined as disabilities that are not immediately apparent. Some people with visual or hearing difficulties, who do not wear glasses or hearing aids, may not be obviously disabled. Similarly, people with conditions such as dementia, mental health or autism may not appear to have a disability.

We have introduced a lanyard to act as an optional opportunity to provide you with a "discreet sign" which demonstrates to airport staff that you may need additional support or help as you travel through the airport.

This could simply mean:

  • Giving you more time to prepare at check-in and security
  • Allowing you to remain with your family through the journey i.e. security, passport control, boarding/disembarking your aircraft
  • Giving you a more comprehensive briefing on what to expect as you travel through the airport
  • Helping you navigate your way around i.e. reading a departure board or sign

This is an optional assistance method for passengers with hidden disabilities - it will not give you any level of priority or fast track opportunities during your journey through the airport however teams operating in busy environments such as security and immigration will be aware of what they can do to assist you.

Finally, remember you can use your lanyard on your return to Leeds Bradford Airport.

You can collect the lanyard at the special assistance desk by the main entrance.

Changing Places

Leeds Bradford Airport has a dedicated Changing Places room located within our departure lounge. This facility offers a spacious room for a person, plus carers in a safe and comfortable environment. It is the responsibility of the user and / or carers to facilitate the use of the Changing Places room and its equipment.


• Height adjustable bed
• Tracking hoist (only compatible with slings with a loop fastening)
• Centrally placed toilet
• Privacy screen
• Wide - tear paper dispenser

Weight Limits

• Hoist max 200kg/ 31 stone
• Bed max 200kg/ 31 stone

Access The Changing Places Room is located on the first floor of the departure lounge, adjacent to the Saltaire Bar & Eatery. (See Terminal Map) This is a locked facility and access is available by the customer services team by using the assistance phone outside the Changing Places room, or by notifying us on your arrival at the terminal. There is a red telephone within the Changing Places room for emergency purposes, which will automatically dial the customer services team when the receiver is lifted.

Guidance on using the Tracking Hoist

• Leeds Bradford Airport do not provide slings
• Passengers and Carers must bring their own slings if they wish to use this facility.
• The maximum weight limit to use the hoist is 200kg/ 31 stone
• The tracking hoist is only compatible with slings with a loop fastening

After use, please return the hoist to the charging point, ready for the next person to use. We kindly request that the Changing Places Room is left as you would wish to find it. Should the room require any attention, please notify us using the telephone provided Hearing Induction Loop. This facility is located at the information desk.


Click here for Leeds Bradford Airport's Policy in regard to Access to Air Travel for Disabled Persons & Persons with Reduced Mobility. 

Click here to view Leeds Bradford Airport Quality Standards.

Consulting with Local Disability Groups

Leeds Bradford Airport is committed to engage with local disability groups, for more information please click here


If you would like to provide feedback to the Airport relating to the PRM service, you can use our Contact Us page where you will find our online form, or alternatively, address and telephone number. The Civil Aviation Authority, in co-operation with UK airports, collects feedback on the quality of the assistance provided to passengers with reduced mobility. To give your valued feedback if you have used this service, please visit www.surveymonkey.com/s/PRMUK.

Click here to view Leeds Bradford Airport Quality Standards Performance 2017-2018.

Click here to view Leeds Bradford Airport Quality Standards Performance 2018-2019.