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Airport security made easy

We all know airport security is an important process to ensure we can all travel safely. But many of us also dread queues, restrictions and a stressful experience. Luckily there are easy ways to prepare for your journey to help you navigate airport security as quickly and safely as possible.

Ways to prepare at home and in the queue

Packing and setting off to the airport can be a busy time, but you may have a smoother transition through airport security if you:

  • Make sure your liquids, pastes and gels are in a clear, sealable bag and leave them at the top of your hand luggage so you can easily access them. If using your own containers they must have the measurement printed on them. 
  • For electronic devices you want on the plane, make sure to keep them close to hand ready to take them out in airport security. You should also make sure to charge them beforehand, as if your device doesn’t switch on when requested, you may not be able to take it on the flight. 
  • Is your outfit the best bet for not beeping? It may be easier to avoid heeled shoes, belts, large metal jewellery and lots of layers than have to take them off and on in security. 
  • Know what to expect - read our Security Page for information about the security process and prohibited items. 
  • Arrive at the airport in good time for your flight so you have plenty of time for security (and time to relax before your flight).

Tip: If you have hold luggage, these items could be placed in there instead.

And while waiting to enter security, be prepared:

  • Keep your boarding pass to hand ready to enter the security area. 
  • Empty your pockets and get electronics and liquids out ready to place in trays. 
  • Be prepared to take off heeled shoes, coats, jumpers and belts ready for screening.

What to put in your airport clear plastic bag

Many of us now know that restrictions on liquids carried in hand luggage mean that toothpaste and shower gels should be pulled out into a clear plastic bag; but the following guidelines are here to help you get fully security-sorted:

  • You’re limited to 1 plastic bag for liquids per person. 
  • The bag should be transparent and resealable. 
  • It should contain only liquids up to 100ml each in size. 
  • The bag can hold no more than 1 litre and be approximately 20cm x 20cm or less. 
  • If carrying a lighter that should also be put in a clear plastic bag.

Can I take my medication through airport security?

You are allowed to carry essential medicines of more than 100ml in your hand baggage and this can be stored in another plastic bag. Remember to take only what you need for the journey and bring written documentation from your doctor stating the medication is required. Extra supplies and larger containers of medicine should be packed in your hold baggage.

Can I take my vape or e-cigarette through airport security?

Government guidance states that e-cigarettes should not be packed in hold luggage and you should therefore carry them in your hand luggage whilst going through airport security if you want to take them on your travels. You should make sure you aren’t taking over 100ml of e-liquid and put it in a clear reasealable liquid bag ready for the x-ray scanner.

Also worth noting is that use of e-cigarettes in UK airports, like smoking, is strictly prohibited outside of designated smoking areas.


Can I take food through airport security?

Solid food items such as sandwiches, crisps, sweets or fruit can be taken through airport security. Bottled drinks are completely prohibited, but some liquid or semi-liquid items like soup, jam & honey can be taken in quantities smaller than 100ml within your liquids bag.

Can I take baby food & milk through airport security?

You are allowed to take as much baby food, milk and sterilised water as is required for the duration of your outbound journey, and this can exceed 100ml. The items should be placed in a specialised tray available on request, and sterilised water should travel in a baby bottle. 

Please note that security officers may have to open the containers to test the liquids.

See Travelling with Children

And for the fastest possible route to security, there’s always our Fast Track pass.