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The locals describe Cairns as a 'paradise you would only see in your dreams’; picturesque scenery filled with mountains in the back drop, pure white sandy beaches and an idyllic vibe running through the town, there’s certainly something in Cairns for everyone.

Renown as the gateway to two of the world’s greatest natural attractions, Cairns has countless opportunities to satisfy everyone’s needs. Whether you are swimming with 1,500 species of fish in The Great Barrier Reef or sampling one of the 150 Wild Side walks through the Wet Tropics Rainforest. Cairns is bursting with wildlife with all types of different species and animals. You’ll definitely find an animal to fall in love with! For the ornithologists amongst you, the extraordinary Cassowary bird is native to Cairns. This flightless bird, similar to that of the Indian Peafowl, stands up to 2 metres tall and has a distinctive purple neck. With only an estimated 2,000 living in the wild, the Cassowary bird would surely be a truly spectacular sight to see.

After an action packed day you’re sure to need a bite to eat and drink. Cairns offers a wide variety of cuisine to all walks of life with a selection of modern pubs and restaurants having a select few that date back to the 1800s. Whether it’s a meal at a five star restaurant, local pub or a barbecue on the beach, there’s certainly going to be something suited to you.

When darkness falls the variety opens up even more, why not take a stroll around the vibrant town which comes alive during the night. Check out the local bars and clubs or if you wish for something a little more peaceful, talk a walk along the white sandy beach observing the night’s clear skies; taking a step back from all the action and watch this thriving town come alive.

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