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When exploring China there is always something new to see, being the world’s oldest in civilisation you can be certain you’re in for a cultural treat.

Have your camera at the ready because China is host to the most beautiful scenery; from stunning mountain lakes, quaint towns and impressive antiquity landmarks such as Mount K2 and the Great Wall, it’s perfect for adventurers and explorers. Whether history, religion or just basking in a different lifestyle is your thing, China has some incredibly humbling sights to discover. The Forbidden City, Shanghai Tower and the Great Wall of China are all high on any tourist’s agenda.

If you’re a foodie forget London’s Chinatown – visit the real thing with a tantalising cuisine of Peking duck, Lanzhou noodles or some Hunan dishes for a fiery experience. Hong Kong’s the best place for adventurous eaters; the streets are filled with vendors, bakeries and delectable dim sum eateries!

Taking the kids? Why not visit Disneyland in Hong Kong. Or perhaps you’d prefer to see the more natural side of China – full of impressive Buddhist caves, natural parks and Chinese gardens. A hotspot is Summer Palace in Beijing; this royal garden was once home for historic emperors of the old imperial city. It’s now a nostalgic part to China’s rich heritage; a tranquil day out sightseeing the temples, gardens and bridges.

Natural parks, mountain lakes and the best dim sum you’ll ever taste – China certainly has lots on offer, complete with a rich culture and a humble sense of tradition. Take a cruise; befriend the panda’s - the nation’s treasure or visit the large range of historical landmarks and monuments of the past. This fascinating country is guaranteed to leave its mark.