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Made famous by the 1968 Winter Olympics that showcased its rich sporting and cultural landscape, Grenoble is the perfect hotspot for skiing and snowboarding, yet effortlessly caters for fans of art, history, architecture. At the foot of the French Alps, it's a pleasantly vibrant area that enjoys stunning views in every direction.

Whatever your tastes, the best place to start is at the top of the mountain. Conquer that fear of heights with a trip in the Bastille cable car, promising stunning expansive views. Take a rest in the mountain-top café, or travel back down to grab a bite at L'as de Pique, a great spot for juicy steaks and traditional French fare. If you'd rather stay outdoors, Lac Laffery is a beautiful place to unwind, reflect and take in the fresh air.

Although it may be a little on the scholarly side for young children, the Archaeological Museum is regularly ranked as one of the most impressive attractions in Grenoble. With artefacts dating back to 400AD, it's a sure-fire way to connect with days past and learn more about ancient civilisation. Encapsulating Grenoble's historic air, it solidifies its status as a region lost in time, the perfect escape from modern life regardless of how sporty you are.

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