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It is well advised to visit Berlin’s landmarks – soak in its bold past and appreciate it all the more. A ‘must-see’ is the remnants of the Berlin Wall, giving visitors a visual reminder of the 1961 East West divide. Or visit Reichstag, an iconic building that has been rebuilt into Germany’s parliament house since its destruction in 1894. It’s most spectacular feature is the glittering glass dome with fantastic 360-degree views of the city.

In modern day, this city is a multicultural playground with a plethora of international characteristics for locals and visitors to enjoy. Berlin’s city centre is home to a variety of beauty including 440 galleries showcasing worldwide art. For contemporary art head to Hamburger Bahnhof, a rejuvenated former train station. Many visitors bicycle hire as a great travel option, allowing you to witness the beautifully designed buildings, cathedrals and parks that the city has to offer. For something a little different take stroll around Berlin’s Zoological Garden, opened in 1844, it is the oldest zoo in Germany and a local family favourite.

Giant schnitzels, pretzels and wursts are all iconic foods that have to be tried. Head to places like Curry36 and Bäckerei Siebert for the best ‘bockwurst’ hotdogs and ‘pfannkuchen’ doughnuts. Become a true local and guzzle it down with a manly stein of beer!

Berlin cannot be mistaken for a boring city; regardless of the time or day there is always a place to party. Many flock to Berlin for a wild weekend for either a birthday, stag or hen party. The music in Berlin is vibrant and varied; choose from a range of hip hop, dancehall, rock, swing and funk.

Although notably colder, Berlin still has plenty to offer during the festive period with Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market in full swing, bursting with colourful lively stalls for all the family to enjoy.

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