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What makes India such a distinctive location is it's thriving diversity in both geographic and culture aspects. As the second most populous country in the world with over 1.2 billion people, many flock to India for it's breathtaking landmarks, humbling culture and a spectacular cuisine. 

Attracting over three million visitors annually, this South Asian country certainly has heaps to shout about. What’s fascinating about India is its dynamic range of people and their high regard towards religion. India's traditions are notably unique however it is clear to see the influence the western world has had upon them.

Choose to explore India’s finest buildings, ancient art and unforgettable establishments that are UNESCO World Heritage protected such as The Elephants Cave and world-class monuments such as The Gateway of India, The Red Fort and the stunning Taj Mahal Palace.

Anyone visiting India will be overwhelmed by their excellent food, from rich spicy curries and sambar to deep-fried fish dishes. It is apparent how India have incorporated generations of cooking traditions, spices from all over the world with their passion for food to make it what it is now.

Explore a country that will open your eyes to how vastly diverse our world can be, India is a significant location in many aspects of the word and it’ll certainly be a vibrant holiday that’ll have you reminiscing for years to come!