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Japan is a remarkable country offering a fusion of modernity and traditionalism. With futuristic sky scraping cities and calmer relaxing villages, Japan is as diverse as can be.

The fast paced city of Tokyo is a firm favourite amongst visitors, an architectural and foodie heaven set against a backdrop of the magnificent Mount Fuji. Tokyo is an excellent place to begin your Japanese adventure.

For visitors who seek relaxation discover impressive temples, beautifully crafted Zen gardens and Onsens, Japan’s natural hot springs in Kyoto. Perfect for escaping the buzz of the metropolis, the gardens and hot springs are very popular with locals as well as tourists.

Exuding a unique beauty the country is famed for its delicate, pretty cherry blossom decorating the streets and parks, with Kawachi Fuji Gardens offering the best displays. Wander through the tunnels of flowers and feel inspired by nature.

Food is always top of the agenda in Japan, known as having the highest concentration of Michelin star chefs in the world, it comes as no surprise. Sushi is not the only fare on offer though, most restaurants specialise in particular dishes such as ramen, udon or yakitori. Choose between fine dining, local establishments or street food to really experience the flavour of Japan.

Japan has something to suit everyone so why not book to fly from Leeds Bradford and discover your trip of a lifetime.