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Kuwait has a bustling city with a population of 2.1 million people in the metropolitan area. True to its cultural roots, Kuwait's attractions are centered inside the capital including Souq Al-Mubarakiya Market, the city’s famous Old Souq - a traditional Arabian market that many locals and tourists flock to daily.

Museums, beaches, restaurants, malls and souqs mark the true essence of Kuwait. Museums may not be everyone’s cup of tea however the captivating ethnographic museum of Tareq Rajab should not be missed! Enter Aladdin’s cave and marvel at the beautifully showcased collection of 19th century paintings, Saudi gold jewellery and musical instruments.

For curious travellers seeking a cultural trip, make sure you visit the Kuwait Towers and of course the Grand Mosque. However ensure you’re dressed appropriately whilst visiting the more traditional attractions; it’s essential for men and women to dress conservatively and carry your passport with you at all times. Kuwait Zoo is a lovely place to take young children, with a humble 65 species available to see, it’s a perfect afternoon activity.

Searching for a hotel? You’ll be spoilt for choice with plenty of options to suit your trip; whether it’s on business, on a budget or you’re looking for somewhere near the beach.