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Perfectly neighbouring the shores of the Persian Gulf, this metropolitan city has many treasures. Kuwait’s Arabian roots still shine throughout the capital however tourists will be pleased to know there are also many grand western-style hotels and designer shopping malls to explore. 

The National Museum is a popular hotspot containing over 2,000 works of Islamic art as well as Bayan Palace; justifiably regarded as one of Kuwait’s finest architectural wonders. Covering an impressive 1,399,500 square meters, the Palace was opened in 1986 and is the main location for international business. Of course no one can visit Kuwait and not notice the Kuwait Towers – the city’s most prominent landmark at an impressive 613.5 ft tall.

For a real taste of Kuwait culture visit Souq Al Mubarakeya; previously known as the hub of trade but is now classed as one of the oldest souqs in Kuwait. Souqs (or bazaar) are essentially a traditional form of open-air market place for locals and have been around for years. Amongst all the fresh meat, vegetables and delicate treasures; foodies should aim to seek out Kuwait’s most prominent dish – machboos. A rice-based dish seasoned with spices, chicken, mutton or typically fish.

For a quirky activity make sure the House of Mirrors is on your to-do list. This arty museum is an experience within itself containing 77 tons of mirror to create a mosaic that embellishes the building inside and out. To avoid disappointment ring ahead to request a tour!  

Kuwait City is a luxury jaunt like no other – famous souqs, captivating museums and grand malls and hotels; its worlds apart from home but with English widely spoken, holiday makers will find their cultural feet in this Arabian paradise in no time!   

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