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Sitting at the centre of Poland's northern coast, Gdansk may seem like a world away from the rest of Europe, but its incredible history makes it one of the most important places on the continent.

In nearly 800 years as a city, Gdansk has been influenced by Polish, German and Russian cultures, creating a diverse heritage. This is obvious in its beautiful Old Town, which runs along the Motława River. It offers Prussian and Dutch styles of architecture, though the jewel in its crown is undoubtedly St Mary's Church, the largest brick church in the world.

Using its incredible architecture as a base, Gdansk's amazing value for money and port system has led to an industrial boom in the last 20 years, attracting business and tourists alike. From its rustic city centre to its immaculate Baltic beaches, there's something for every traveller here – every single visitor will enjoy its low prices and high quality food, drink and accommodation.

Why not take the short flight to an incredible northern European experience? The port of Gdansk runs ferries throughout the Baltic Sea, to Stockholm, Tallinn and Helsinki among others. Let us help you embrace the spirit of adventure!

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Summer 2018 flights commence on 03.04.18