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Take off in search of the spectacular phenomenon known as the 'Northern Lights'. It is truly an unforgettable experience. 

Go in search of the illusive aurora borealis - a vast array of colourful light that spans the night sky - something people travel from all over the world to see. All you need is a clear night sky, plenty of layers and your nearest and dearest to enjoy the experience with. 

The science behind the astronomical displays; lights are created by collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth's atmosphere. This means many varying lights and effects can be seen, what you see will be your own unique viewing experience. 

For the best chance to view nature's fascinating spectacle, book on to a special excursion departing this winter from Leeds Bradford® Airport. Discover the beauty of nature on a specially designed trip away from 'light pollution', taking you to viewing hot spots of the astounding light displays. 

Jet off on an evening excursion with Omega to look for the Northern Lights from the comfort of your airplane, with a guest astronomer to guide you through your voyage before returning a few hours later. 

To enjoy the magic for longer, check out Transun's 2 night, 3 night, or 7 night trips. These exciting trips offer a real Arctic adventure, with a variety of activities on offer. From reindeer sleighs to snowmobiles, snow shoeing and husky mushing. 

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Airlines and schedules

Northern Lights (2 nights)  departing 26th March 2017

Simply Arctic (4 nights) departing 26th March 2017

Husky Sled Adventurer (4 nights) departing 26th March 2017

Snowmobile Voyager (4 nights) departing 26th March 2017

Northern Lights (evening excursion) departing on 20th November 2017. 

Northern Lights (12 days voyage)  departing 17th March 2018