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Exotic, fun and welcoming – Thailand is a fantastic destination with so much diversity and beauty to explore. As a strong Buddhist nation, religious devotion is colourfully displayed all around – travellers can wonder into the historical temples and underground cave shrines.

Thai cuisine is a worldwide favourite which bases its flavours on rich bold spices and chillies. Curious eaters can venture to the markets and roadside noodle stores. Nature lovers will be impressed with the seven-tiered waterfall at Erawan National Park.

For night time attractions head to Chiang Mai Night Bazaar; the city’s main night-time hotspot with fantastic street markets and arcades that’ll make you feel like one of the locals! Travellers interested in different cultures and traditions should spare an afternoon at Wat Pho – a personal favourite amongst many as its Bangkok’s biggest temple.

Befriend the humble and welcoming Thai locals, try out their vibrant cuisine and explore the beautiful beaches and lively street markets!