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LBA already plays an important role in the West Yorkshire economy, and we are confident that our replacement terminal development plans represent one of the most exciting infrastructure projects in the region, just when investment is needed the most.

As part of a private investment, development of LBA would enable the airport to contribute £869 million to the regional economy, supporting 12,650 permanent jobs across ground operations, air traffic control, engineering, maintenance as well as retail and food & beverage. The construction process alone would create 1,400 person years of employment, contributing £89m.

These figures speak for themselves but become especially important when supporting economic recovery for our region and its businesses at a time that it is truly needed.

In the longer term, we also foresee opportunities to continue making a difference to the regional economy through a variety of initiatives, such as:

  • Preparing a new Employment & Training strategy, including the establishment of an LBA Academy that will focus on developing careers via apprenticeships and offering quality work experience.
  • Introducing a returners programme, which aims to support individuals re-entering the workplace.
  • Recruiting a local workforce, with new job creation to be targeted within 10 miles of the airport.
  • Developing a Skills and Employment Plan with the aim of providing opportunities for local residents, particularly young people.

These forecasts only really touch the surface of how LBA could contribute to the regional economy. Improving passenger experience will only add to this, as companies look to attract more foreign investment into the region.

Building the new terminal will give West Yorkshire a first-class airport that our passengers and businesses can be proud of.

To support our replacement terminal development plans, leave a comment on Leeds City Council’s Planning Portal.

New terminal proposal
New terminal proposal
New terminal proposal
New terminal proposal