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New terminal proposal

Our current terminal was constructed in 1965 and hasn’t changed significantly since, much to the frustration of many of our passengers.

Though we have introduced a number of measures in the last six months to improve passenger experience, put simply, these are short term measures and beyond those there is little that we can do to further improve services whilst we remain restricted by our outdated building. The demands of passengers have rightfully changed since the terminal was first created so we are excited to see what our new plans can bring.

  Our proposed replacement terminal would make a real difference to your journey. To address the challenges we know exist, the replacement terminal would see the creation of a check-in area three times bigger than the current facility, helping to significantly reduce overall queuing times and increase capacity, so you can move through the airport more quickly.  

Providing a range of concessions and sustainable travel options will add to the experience of travelling through Leeds Bradford Airport, with existing and new food, beverage and retail partners keen to impress.

We want to be at the cutting edge of airport wellbeing for the benefit of staff and passengers and so we are looking at a number of additional initiatives, including the increase of healthy eating options in restaurants and lounges, better, more intuitive and stress free wayfinding through the new terminal building, calming and modern interior design and increased support for passengers that need it.

 Travelling should be a pleasurable experience and we’re certain that developing the new terminal will make a trip from LBA something to look forward to.  

To support our replacement terminal development plans, leave a comment on Leeds City Council’s Planning Portal.

New terminal proposal
New terminal proposal
New terminal proposal
New terminal proposal

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