The latest information on Coronavirus: Coronavirus advice for travellers
The latest information on Coronavirus: Coronavirus advice for travellers
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Information for Crane Operators & Crane Users

Cranes in the vicinity of Leeds Bradford Airport

As of 1st October 2020 crane users are required to notify the CAA directly if they intend to operate a crane above 10 m above ground level (AGL) or that of the surrounding structures or trees (if higher).

The CAA require crane users to notify them of crane activity (by submitting Crane Notification Form – DAP1924) in advance as follows:

Planned long-term projects

  • Notification to be sent to the CAA at least eight weeks (40 working days) before the erection of the crane.

Ad-hoc projects

  • Notification to be sent to the CAA not later than 5 working days in advance.

Note: It is important that crane users who can notify their operations 40 working days or more before the erection of the crane do so.

Unforeseen and urgent projects

If there is an unforeseen and urgent requirement to erect a crane within 5 working days from the notification, the crane user is required to contact all aerodromes whose perimeters are within 10 Nautical Miles (NM) (18.5km) of the crane and submit the notification form (Annex A) to the CAA as soon as possible and advise which aerodrome operators have been contacted and the reason for less than 5working days’ notice. As the operation of the crane may have an implication to other airspace users, where no aerodromes are located within 10 NM (18,5 km) from the location of the crane, notification form (Annex A) should still be submitted to the CAA, who will process such notifications at the earliest opportunity.

Any cranes notified LBA directly inside 5 working days will be subject to a crane permit charge of £200 prior to approval.

Please submit a copy of the CAA Crane Notification Form to In addition, contact Airside Operations on 0113 3913231 to report the crane.

Please be aware any crane erected without a positive response received from the CAA or the aerodrome operator may be considered a hazard to air navigation and such a crane operates at the crane user’s risk of endangering the safety of an aircraft.

LBA may attend sites where cranes are erected without notification and are considered hazardous to request they are lowered until it can be determined the crane is safe.

In any case the CAA will, upon request, provide comment, guidance or recommendation for crane users on a case-by-case basis:; phone: 01293 983 880.

Leeds Bradford Airport request that crane users/operators contact the CAA for advice at the first point. If required however, please contact

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