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At The Airport

Livewell Vending

Local supplier, Livewell Vending, operate a range of automated vending stations at Leeds Bradford Airport. At convenient locations before and after security, these stations provide quick and easy access to a range of ice-cold drinks and tasty snacks as well as other travel essentials, such as PPE products. All items can be purchased using debit and credit cards, and all other types of contactless payment. 

Before Security

Self-serve Snacks & PPE Vending

You can find a vending station located before security selling a range of snacks and PPE.  All items can be taken through security and can be purchased using coins or all types of card and contactless payment.

After Security

Self-serve Drinks & Snacks Vending

Located on the ground floor departure lounge, opposite gates 7 and 8, are two vending stations, one selling a wide range of snacks and another a full range of ice-cold drinks, including Harrogate Spring bottled water. They are quick and easy to use, accept card and contactless payments and all items can be taken on your flight.

Livewell Vending