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France is known for many unique traditions, but they all pale into insignificance when you experience the beauty and rich historical culture of the country for yourself. From the snowy slopes of Grenoble to the breathtaking landscapes of the north, there truly is an experience for everyone waiting just across the channel.

Riverside Grenoble Nice centre, France

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An underrated classic, Bergerac is a destination that promises a relaxed environment in which to enjoy fine French foods and wine. Learn to craft your own exquisite chocolates, or take an outdoor adventure tour of the city's many grand castles.

Discover Bergerac


Nestled at the foot of the French Alps, in Grenoble you can embark on the action-packed outdoor adventure of your choice, whether it's skiing, snowboarding or simply admiring the mountain views.

Discover Grenoble

La Rochelle

A beaming bright coastal port, the White City La Rochelle has arcaded walkways and seaside architecture that will invite you on a wander. You'll find beauty in the Bay of Biscay.

Discover La Rochelle


Brimming with awe-inspiring churches, gardens and enough historical sites to thrill culture lovers, Limoges is place built on craftsmanship. There'll be plenty to do for even the most active families too just a couple of hours away.

Discover Limoges


Home to the French Riviera, Nice is the ideal location for almost every holidaymaker, whether you desire a romantic retreat, golfing getaway or a spontaneous luxury jaunt. Sun Seekers will adore the spotless beaches, while culture vultures can lose themselves for hours in the countless art and history-laden museums.

Discover Nice


The capital of romance, Paris also conceals a whole lot of family and festive fun. Breeze in and out of grand boutiques, dine in chic street cafes or bask in the glow of the Eiffel Tower - even more stunning at night.

Discover Paris

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