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Though windmills, tulips and clogs form a beautiful part of Holland's history, they are by no means all that the Netherlands has to offer. From Amsterdam to The Hague, Holland is a country that has combined a visually stunning countryside, factually interesting history and modern urban areas - as well as offering a coastline of beaches.

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A city built at impossible angles along the river Amstel, Amsterdam's architecture and culture will leave a lasting impression on you.

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Polish town square

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Boasting beaches, castles, mountains, lakes and no fewer than 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Poland is full of ways to surprise and delight its visitors. After centuries as one of the most powerful kingdoms in Europe, modern Poland continues to evolve with the times and has become a fantastic blend of old and new. Between the incredible architecture and culture of Krakow, the technologically-charged towers of Warsaw and the beaches of Gdansk, you'd think you were in entirely different countries during each visit.