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Where can I find flight and arrival times?

Full flight information can be found on our Arrivals and Departures pages. You can even track your flight for more information and to be alerted of any changes.

When should I check-in for my flight?

Check-in times vary depending on your destination and airline and you should arrive in plenty of time to pass through security as well as check-in. For full details you should check with the airline that you are travelling with or the relevant handling agent.

I’m flying from Leeds Bradford Airport, what is the baggage allowance?

Each airline applies their own allowances for hand and hold baggage, we advise you to check this before departure. Please see our baggage page for further information. Also be aware of security procedures and luggage limitations.

Where can I fly to from Leeds Bradford Airport?

You can fly to over 70 direct destinations and hundreds more worldwide by connecting worldwide through hub airports.

What security restrictions are there for hand and hold baggage?

Details of security procedures and baggage restrictions can be found in our help guides.

Are night flights allowed?

Yes, Leeds Bradford Airport has been operating flights 24 hours a day since planning permission for 24 hour availability was granted in 1994. The designated night-time period is from 2300hrs to 0700hrs. During this period, only the quietest jets are permitted to operate and there are maximum permitted noise levels in place for both aircraft arrivals and departures. In addition, there are restrictions on the number of aircraft movements permitted during the summer months (May – October) and winter months (November – April). In comparison with most other UK commercial airports, Leeds Bradford Airport has some of the most stringent night-time noise restrictions.

Are there any changes when travelling to Europe due to Brexit?

Travel to the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein will change from 1 January 2021. Check what you need to do before you fly.

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