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Travelling with children

Taking your little ones on holiday and through the airport can sometimes be a struggle. To help get you off to a great start we’ve put together some information on policies that’ll affect your travel with children, toddlers and babies. 

Taking baby food, milk and other essentials through passenger security

You are allowed to take as much baby food, milk and sterilised water as is required for the duration of your outbound journey, and this could exceed 100ml. The items should be placed in a specialised tray available on request, and sterilised water should travel in a baby bottle. Please note that security officers may have to open the containers to test the liquids. 

Dried foods are generally accepted, but check out our security guide for specifics. 

Nappies and wet wipes are permitted in your hand luggage.

If your child has a specific drink as part of their dietary needs, you should make sure you carry a letter from your doctor to support this. 

Boots in terminal departures are on hand for baby and toddler essentials including nappies, formula milk and baby wipes too. Don’t forget you can order online to collect at the airport store. 

It may also be worth letting your little ones know that their items will have to be scanned too. Hearing that their favourite toy is going on an adventure ahead of time may help when it comes to parting ways at the scanner. Children will also have to walk through the metal detector individually although babies can be carried.


Baby changing facilities

We have special rooms designed for changing babies both before and after security in the terminal. Look out for the baby-changing icon on our terminal map.


Bringing a pushchair

Airlines usually have a child baggage allowance or policy on prams which means you can take one up to the departure gate, but only if it meets their requirements. This may mean that only a totally collapsible pushchair is allowed – make sure to check with your airline before flying. 

Buggies have to be collapsed when going through the security scanner.

Travelling whilst pregnant

Women can fly up to 28 weeks of their pregnancy without a doctor’s note. After this point, you would need a letter from your GP or midwife. Each airline has their own policy on the length of pregnancy they will permit access to, so make sure to check with them directly. 

Airport security scanners omit a low-frequency electromagnetic field which is safe for pregnant women to use. 

Infants less than 48 hours old are not advised to fly.

Travelling if your child is unwell

If you are travelling with a child that has an infectious disease such as mumps, whooping cough, measles or chickenpox, the airline may require you to produce a medical declaration stating that they are fit to fly. 


Children travelling unaccompanied

An adult is classed by airlines as any passenger aged 16 or older. The policies for any minor under the age of 16 travelling alone (without a parent) vary by airline and destination. 

We recommend checking with your airline directly for their policy. Many airlines also offer an Escort Service to support children under the age of 16 when travelling and have limited availability for minor passengers.

Taking children abroad

In circumstances where a child is accompanied by a non-parent or an adult with a different surname, a Child Arrangement Order may be required to prove you have a right to take the child abroad.


Airport parking options

Our Meet & Greet parking is a great option for families allowing you to jump out close to the terminal front with our team parking the car for you and bringing it right back to the terminal front when you return.

See Meet & Greet

Car hire with children

Whether in the UK or overseas legal requirements are in place for appropriate child and baby seats. Although laws vary in many countries we recommend you book child seats that meet UK regulations when you hire a car. UK law states a child under 12 or 135cm in height must use a child or baby seat. 

See Car Hire

Enjoy your time away with the little ones and have an amazing trip!

Pilot Pudding is here to help his happy flyers

Little ones can print off a Pilot Pudding pack and have even more fun on their next adventure through the airport. The guide is full of activities to help pass the time, but also offers a friendly introduction to the airport experience for children.

Print the guide

All you need to add is a pen or pencil, something for colouring in and one young adventurer.

Everyone can look the part in a Pilot Pudding hat too with our printable template available to download. Just add string or stick down some straps and you’ll be all set for the skies.