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Czech Republic


It may be small, but the Czech Republic is perfectly formed. Here, you can guarantee plenty: great value for money, friendly locals, eye-opening sights and, of course, a quick and easy flight straight to its beautiful capital, Prague.

While nearby Germany, Italy, Austria and France often steal the limelight from Czech Republic, less adventurous travellers are only missing out on a whole new experience in a country that's got just as much, if not more, packed inside its borders. From countless hiking trails around mountains, forests and rivers to short ambles in museums, galleries and shopping streets, there's something to fit every itinerary.

Between its 12 UNESCO-protected "wonders of the world" and its four prized national parks, history and nature come together perfectly to create an experience like no other. Czech Republic's compactness means that no attraction is too far from the capital, but you may need more time to fit them in. After all, Prague's a hard place to leave – there's just so much to see and do!