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The central country of the three Baltic States, Latvia is bordered by Russia, Estonia, Lithuania and Belarus, making it the perfect stop-off point for anyone who wants to explore northern Europe. That's not to say it doesn't have plenty to offer on its own - with vibrant markets, plentiful museums and a pleasing number of spa facilities, it's a great place to detox and de-stress.

Starting out in the capital city of Riga, a trip to the Central Market is almost non-negotiable. Bursting with life, you can expect 57,000 square metres of vending space, squeezed under five zeppelin hangers. Keep an eye out for rare and beautiful birds - Latvia's coast, wetlands and cultivated farmland are known for attracting interesting and uncommon creatures. Hike your way through Gauja National Park, or enjoy some of the finest Art Nouveau architecture in the world.

Whatever your interest, you could jet from Leeds Bradford® airport to Latvia in just under three hours - that's less time than it takes to pack a bag!