One of Europe’s hidden gems! Lithuania may be geographically pocket-sized however it holds many attractions naturally and culturally, gaining millions of visitors each year.

Located on the stunning Baltic coastline, Lithuania has a unique 98km long sand-dune called the Curonian Spit. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, protecting the rare ecosystems found there and the 37 species it inhabits. During the warmer months, many embrace the beach's beauty and the small charming villages such as Nida that surround the coast. 

A visit to Lithuania wouldn’t be complete without trying their local cuisine! Be sure to sample a Cepelinai or also known as ‘Zeppelin’ due to its elongated oval shape. These large meat-filled potato dumplings provide a home-comfort feeling as well as being absolutely delicious.

The Capital, Vilnius, is the largest and most lively city of Lithuania; paved with cobbled streets bustling with people and baroque Christian churches eccentrically lifted by today’s vibrant modern culture.  

Whether you're looking to explore peaceful nature parks, discover the historic culture or perhaps a weekend break enjoying the livelier side of town, you can find it all in Lithuania.