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Though windmills, tulips and clogs form a beautiful part of Holland's history, they are by no means all that the Netherlands has to offer. From Amsterdam to The Hague, Holland is a country that has combined a visually stunning countryside, factually interesting history and modern urban areas - as well as offering a coastline of beaches.

From the country's many museums to brilliant golf courses, there's something in Holland for everyone. Art fans will be able to indulge themselves fully in the works of Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer, and historians will be able to appreciate the rich history of the country, both pre and post-war.

Kids of all ages can make the most out of Holland's amazing zoos, amusement and water parks, and of course, the whole country is a safe haven for anyone that's more comfortable on two wheels than on foot.

With Amsterdam acting as the hub to both the country and to destinations much further afield, a flight here is perfect for both a short stay and as part of a much wider adventure!