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Passenger experience at Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) this summer is transforming with the deployment of new, cutting-edge security scanners.


The introduction of the latest Next Generation Screening technology enables passengers to leave both liquids and large electronic items, such as laptops, iPads and tablet devices, in their bags whilst passing through security. As per latest DFT guidance, all liquids are required to be in containers not exceeding 100ml but an unlimited number of these containers can be taken.


These advanced systems enable a smoother and more efficient security process for all passengers, significantly reducing hassle and reducing queues for departing travellers.


The next generation security technology is now in full operation at Leeds Bradford Airport. LBA is one of the first airports in the UK that has deployed the very latest technology for the entire operation which improves security staff effectiveness, detects prohibited items with greater accuracy and enhances passenger safety.


With all four security lanes now fully operational, Leeds Bradford Airport passengers will experience a smoother, faster, and more convenient journey through security.


Vincent Hodder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Leeds Bradford Airport, said: “As Yorkshire’s international gateway, we are committed to ensuring passenger safety, whilst also providing a seamless, quick and efficient experience for those travelling through the airport. The introduction of the C3 scanners will enable our security staff to operate with greater accuracy, prioritising passenger safety while minimising unnecessary delays .”


“We are thrilled with the installation of this next generation technology and are already seeing the positive impact on both security and customer experience, but we remind passengers to check before travelling when flying into Leeds Bradford from other airports, as these may not have the same security technology and may have different security requirements.”




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