Operational Information

Operational Information

Leeds Bradford® Airport publishes up to date Operational Data in the Aeronautical Information Publication; this consists of textual data and related charts. 

Aerodrome Manual

The Aerodrome Manual is the lead document for the Aerodrome that defines the policy and principles that are common to the whole organisation of LBA. For the latest version of the Aerodrome Manual click here.

AOP-01 Airside Security
AOP-02 Coordination with Other Organisations, Safety Programmes and Auditing
AOP-03 Accident and Incident Reporting
AOP-04 Airport Operational Instructions
AOP-05 Airside Safety Regulation Enforcement Scheme
AOP-06 Movement Area, Lighting and Communications Inspections
AOP-07 Aerodrome Ground Lighting (AGL), Signs, Markings, NAVAIDS
AOP-08 Aeronautical, Meteorological and Operational Information
AOP-10 Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (RFFS)
AOP-11 Low Visibility Procedures (LVP's)
AOP-12 Control of Works in Progress
AOP-13 Apron Management
AOP-14 Foreign Object Debris (FOD)
AOP-15 Airside Driving and Vehicle Permits
AOP-16 Winter Operations
AOP-17 High Wind Warning, Preparations and Response
AOP-18 Environmental Procedures
AOP-19 Wildlife Management
AOP-20 Dangerous Goods
AOP-21 Removal of Disabled Aircraft
AOP-22 Aviation Fuel Management
AOP-23 Detention of Aircraft
AOP-24 Movement Area, Drainage Inspection and Runway Friction Assessment
AOP-25 Runway Incursion Prevention
AOP-26 Drugs and Alcohol Policy
AOP-27 Integration of Miscellaneous Aviation Activities
AOP-28 Safeguarding Procedure
AOP-29 Safety Directives Issued by the Competent Authority

Airside Safety Bulletin

As part of the LBA® Safety Management System it is key that as many safety issues, physical and procedural changes, potential risks and incident trends are communicated effectively to those that operate in the Airside environment. To enhance the various committees and meetings that currently take place the below bulletin will be produced quarterly with relevant, current and upcoming issues covering Airfield and Ramp operations, ATC issues, Fire Safety and general Health and Safety.