Baggage Advice

  • Ensure you pack your own bag and do not allow anyone to tamper with it.
  • Do not carry anything belonging to others.
  • Clearly label all your bags with your name and destination address.
  • Observe the weight allowance for hold and hand baggage as allocated by your airline and detailed on your ticket.
  • Never leave bags or personal belongings unattended in the terminal building. Unattended bags and belongings are considered a security risk and may be removed or destroyed.

For Hand Luggage, to help avoid delays through security:

  • Liquids, gels and pastes should be packed into hold baggage where possible. If carrying liquids, gels and pastes in hand luggage, they should be in containers that hold 100ml or less, and packed into a resealable, clear plastic bag with a maximum 1 litre capacity. We would recommend packing these in hold luggage wherever possible.
  • Food or powders are permitted in hand luggage, but we recommend packing them in hold luggage and they can obstruct images on the X-Ray machine. 
  • Sharp items and tools cannot be carried in hand luggage at all.
  • Large electrical items such as laptops or tablets can be taken into the cabin, but must be removed from hand luggage at the search area and placed in the tray. 

For Hold Luggage:

  • Hold luggage restrictions and advice can be found on the government website.
  • Failure to comply with this information will mean you are called back to check-in for a bag search.

Please ensure you are familiar with security procedures relating to your luggage.