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Baggage left by seating

Lost property

Losing any of your valuables is unpleasant, but if you’ve lost an item at Leeds Bradford Airport we may be able to help you get it back.

You’ll need to contact your airline and speak to their baggage handling agents. Searching for your airline and handling agent contact number should bring you an up-to-date contact number.

Think you left an item on the plane?

If you have left any of your belongings on board an aircraft then you need to contact your airline directly as soon as possible.


Lost property in and around the airport

If you think you’ve lost something in and around the terminal including our car parks, please contact our Lost Property department:

  • Telephone: 0113 391 3232 (automated line) 
  • Email:

Please be prepared to leave a message giving your name, telephone number, email address and a full description of your lost property. Messages are retrieved daily, however we will only be able to return your call if we have identified your property.

Lost Property is contactable between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4:30pm on Fridays.

Please note: This service does not handle calls for baggage lost and property left on the aircraft. We are unable to locate these for you so you will need to contact your airline’s handling agent directly.

Collecting airport lost property

Once we have confirmed that we have found your property, it may be posted to you at your cost or collected by prior arrangement only. An administration fee of £15.00 per item is payable and you will need to provide valid identification before property is released.

If you wish for someone else to collect property on your behalf, you will need to provide a signed letter of authorisation for them to do so. Please note, arriving at the airport without making an appointment will result in you being turned away.

Property stored by the Business Support Department can be claimed for a period of 8 weeks from the date of loss. Currency can also be claimed up to 8 weeks from the date of loss.

Unclaimed items 

Unclaimed items after the 8 week period from the date of loss will be disposed of responsibly and personal data is removed from property and securely destroyed.

Mobile phones 

For enquiries regarding lost mobile phones, you will need either the IMEI or SIM card numbers. These are not the same as the telephone number and can be obtained from your airtime or network provider.

Credit / debit cards 

Credit and debit cards will only be stored for 24 hours after the date of loss and then destroyed in the interests of security.

Duty free goods 

If you lose any duty free goods purchased on your outbound trip, these will, if found, be returned to the duty free shop. The goods cannot then be claimed on your return but instead the duty free shop will offer a refund on presentation of your receipt within 8 weeks from the date of loss. Any duty free goods lost on your inbound trip will be treated in the same way as other lost property in accordance with this policy.