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At the airport FAQs

When is the airport open?

Leeds Bradford Airport is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I get to Leeds Bradford Airport?

To find out how to get to the airport by car, bus, coach, taxi or train, please see our Getting to the Airport pages.

Is there a map of the airport and terminal?

You can view a map of our terminal and facilities online. We also have a map for parking too.

Where can you smoke at Leeds Bradford Airport?

A designated smoking area is available at the airport, after passenger security.

Is there free Wi-Fi at Leeds Bradford Airport?

You can access free, unlimited Wi-Fi throughout the terminal.

How can I arrange assisted travel?

There are a range of facilities available at Leeds Bradford Airport aimed at making air travel as easy as possible for passengers with reduced mobility.

Can I book a table at a bar or restaurant at the airport?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer table reservation at the airport due to the busy nature of our food and drink outlets.

Do you have a lost property for things lost in the airport?

To log a lost property enquiry see our lost property guide. Anything left on board an aircraft, please contact the airline directly.

Are dogs and other animals allowed in the airport?

Assistance animals are allowed. No other animals are allowed in the terminal building unless they are transiting onto an aircraft.

Where can I go to view the runway?

When you’re travelling from Leeds Bradford Airport, you can enjoy full length views of the runway from our airport lounges or partial views from The Camden Food Co. located on the first floor after security.

Do you have job vacancies at the airport?

We employ in a variety of business areas and jobs are also available with our partners. See a list of current vacancies on our Careers page.

Where can I find drinking water?

You will find a water fountain after security, on the ground floor of departures towards the smoking area. Please bring a refillable bottle through security or purchase a water bottle from one of the airport shops to use this facility.

As a person with a disability, is there any way I can experience an aircraft cabin before booking my flight?

Try b4u Fly based at the William Merritt Centre in Leeds have an Aircraft fuselage where you can experience an airline cabin environment and try equipment that helps you transfer and board the aircraft.

Does LBA offer COVID-19 testing?

We are working alongside NPH Group to provide convenient and affordable testing for departing passengers, returning passengers and members of the community.

What time do the food and drink outlets open?

The food and drink outlets open 3 hours before the first flight of the morning.

Can I bring ice packs in hand luggage to keep my baby milk cold?

Approved cooling gel packs and frozen ice packs are allowed in hand luggage when used to cool infant food and drink, only when an infant is present. Any other form of frozen substance such as frozen water in drinks bottles, ice cubes or anything else which has not been approved, is not permitted. Please contact the customer care team before travel if you are unsure on what you wish to travel with.

I have a medical condition and need to keep my medication cold. What can I use to keep these cool in hand luggage?

If you have a medical condition in which you must keep your medication cold, approved cooling gels and frozen ice packs can be used. Please be aware you will be asked to confirm the need to keep items cool in the form of either a letter from a medical practitioner, medical company, or the official label of medication. Any other form of frozen substance such as frozen water in drinks bottles, ice cubes, or anything else which has not been approved, is not permitted. Please contact the customer care team before travel if you are unsure about what you wish to travel with.

I have lost my luggage, what do I do?

All missing bag enquiries should be directed to your Airline or their associated handling agent. This depends on which Airline you have flown with: Jet2 – email or call their customer services on 0113 2387334 For all other Airlines – contact Swissport your Airline’s handling agent. Please email

When should I arrive at the airport?

Please allow sufficient time to arrive at the airport to check in and be processed through security. We recommend 2-3 hours for this. Please also note that security screening closes in line with the scheduled departure time.

How does the Security Scanner work?

The security scanner uses active millimetre wave technology. It will scan the passenger’s body and analyse the data using Automated Threat Recognition (ATR) software. This software identifies any areas where prohibited items may be concealed, which are flagged on a standardised stick-figure on a screen. The security officer can then conduct a further targeted hand-search on these identified areas.

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