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Passport control, customs and immigration

Once you have landed at Leeds Bradford Airport you will need to pass through the passport control area. This will involve a check of your passport or identity card and evidence of your right to travel into the UK if required.

UK Border Force runs the passport control area and whilst in this area it is recommended that you:

  • Have your passport or identity card ready - remove it from a holder or wallet and have it open on the photo page.
  • Remove your sunglasses or headwear if you’re wearing them.
  • Do not use your mobile phone.
  • Move through passport control together if you’re in a family. 

See entering the UK Border Force advice

Requiring a visa

You may be required to provide a visa dependent on your purpose for visiting the UK, the country you have arrived from and the duration of your stay. 

If you are unsure as to whether you require a visa to visit the UK or need one for travelling through the UK, we recommend you complete the online Border Force check.

Check if you need a visa

Layovers, transiting and connections

If you are connecting onto another flight from Leeds Bradford Airport this is categorised as transiting by UK border control. In these circumstances you may still require a UK visa.

Find out more about transiting

Customs and allowances

For all flights entering the United Kingdom there are restrictions on the items you bring in. This could be anything over your duty-free allowance, banned or restricted goods, things you plan to sell or large amounts of cash. 

You must tell customs if you have anything to declare at the airport.

Government advice on bringing goods into the UK

Do I need to declare goods I have bought?

Baggage reclaim

Checked baggage can be collected from the carousel listed for your flight on information screens provided in the Baggage Reclaim area. 

If your luggage doesn’t come out of the carousel, you’ll need to contact your airline and speak to their baggage handling agents. Searching for your airline and handling agent contact number should bring you an up-to-date contact number. 

Leaving the airport

Find out more about onward travel from the airport by car, taxi and public transport on our getting to and from the airport pages. 

Getting to and from the airport