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Birthplace of delicious food and family-orientated hospitality, Italy is the go-to destination for holidaymakers of almost any age or interest. A mecca for aspiring fashionistas and sun seekers alike, it's a great place for those who like a rich blend of history, retail and beach relaxation.

Although often assumed to be more expensive than the likes of Germany or France, Italy can be quite affordable for families. Take advantage of the wide range of world-famous free-entry museums and galleries, or sit back in the piazza and bask in the Mediterranean sunshine. Plenty of landmarks can be enjoyed without even going inside - the leaning tower of Pisa, the Vatican, the Pompeii ruins… all stunning sights to behold.

From the festivals and packed beaches of summer to the ski sports and cultural events of winter, Italy is at its best all year round. Pick a city or tour them all - you'll struggle to choose a favourite!