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Budapest Christmas Markets


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Budapest Christmas Market's

Explore the Hungarian Capital city and one of the top tourist destinations in Europe, Budapest. Budapest has indoor markets all year round such as Nagy Vásárcsarnok and flea markets, but the city lights up in a magical way for the Christmas markets. 

There are several Christmas markets held in Budapest to choose from:


Held in front of Budapest’s St. Stephens Basilica, The Advent Basilica was named the ‘Best Christmas Market 2022’ by European Best Destinations opens on 18th November 2022 and runs throughout the Christmas period until 1st January 2023.

With over 100 artisan food vendors ranging from traditional meats and potato pancakes to pastry cylinders rolled in a range of different flavours such as cinnamon and nuts known as Kurtos, enjoy with a mulled wine and you really can satisfy your Christmas cravings at this market. All the usual suspects can be found like decorated gingerbread, chocolates, marzipan, ornaments, toys and more!

The Christmas lights throughout Budapest are what make this city so special. The city looks like Santa’s elves have been decorating which warms the Christmas spirit within. Trams and buildings are lit up from head to toe, and the Christmas trees are dazzling like no other.

With Jet 2 flights every Friday and Monday, have a nice long festive weekend or week in Budapest! 


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If you're after a city break full of culture in one of the most picturesque cities in Europe, Budapest is definitely the place to go. Follow the route less travelled and who knows what cultural delights you'll find in this city, considered by many as the focal point of European history.

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