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Survey of holiday makers in the Yorkshire area shows top travel destinations in Europe this summer


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As summer sets in and travel enthusiasts look toward their next big trip, LBA wanted to discover which destinations people around the Yorkshire area were looking to travel to. Leeds Bradford Airport has conducted a survey of 500 people within a 50 mile radius of the airport to find out locals travel habits and dream destinations.

The most travelled-to destinations

According to the survey, Spain is the most frequently visited destination across Europe. The survey asked where people had visited most in their lifetime and 60% named Spain as the top country. In second place is France at 49%, followed by Greece in third at 35%. The study found that people across the Yorkshire area had visited an average of 5.4 European countries in their lifetime and could be taking advantage of LBA’s 80+ direct destinations list. Most had visited 2 or fewer (38%). Just 16% of those surveyed had been to over 10 different European countries.


Country | % of those surveyed who had visited

Spain 60%

France 49%

Greece 38%

Italy 32%

Germany 29%


Looking at the most-visited European cities, the survey found Paris to be the most popular of all, with 43% of people surveyed saying they had been to the city of lights. Majorca came in second place at 36%, followed by Barcelona in third at 31%.


City | % of those surveyed who had visited

Paris 43%

Majorca 36%

Barcelona 31%

Tenerife 27%

Dublin 27%

Yorkshire travel-enthusiasts’ dream destinations revealed

We asked Yorkshire locals where they would love to visit that they hadn’t been to before. The survey ranked Rome as the number one dream destination across Europe. Paris ranked second and Prague third for dream locations for travel.


Destination |% of those surveyed - dream travel destinations

Rome 43%

Paris 34%

Prague 34%


When asked what holiday makers were basing their dream destinations off of, the survey found most were looking for new places to experience (57%), 55% said their dream destination has always been a place they want to go, 54% said they based their dream destination off of the likeliness of great weather.

Yorkshire holiday-goers’ favourite past destinations

We asked those surveyed what their favourite destinations were that they had visited previously across Europe. Bourgas was the most popular answer at 66%. The second most popular destination was Rhodes at 60%, with Split in third at 55%.


Destination | % of those surveyed who said it was their favourite past holiday place

Bourgas 66%

Rhodes 60%

Split 55%

Salzburg 51%

Faro/Algarve 49%

Holiday inspiration factors and travel habits

Part of the survey asked different groups travelling what they looked for in their holiday destination of choice. Families revealed their motivator for holidays was to have fun (60% said this), 18-34s agreed with this sentiment and stated ‘having fun’ as their goal for travel (62% said this). Over 55s shared that they picked destinations based on sunny weather and climate (75% said this), with a majority also stating that they choose destinations with good food and drink choices (68% said this). Holiday makers can ensure they get their trips off to the best start by enjoying our range of food and drink options within the airport.


18-34 year olds were far more likely to choose somewhere new for their future trips, with 70% admitting they look for this in a holiday destination. Most over 65s (52%) preferred going somewhere which was familiar.


In terms of what inspires people to travel, different demographic groups were found to have varying motivators. 18-34 year olds said they were most likely to go off recommendations from friends/family (44% versus the average 33% across all groups surveyed). Families shared that they were most likely to use online reviews to influence travel choices (31% versus the average 26% across all groups surveyed).

The top European destinations by group


  1. Paphos (31%)
  2. Tenerife (20%)
  3. Larnaca (19%)


  1. Crete (37%)
  2. Antalya (21%)
  3. Verona (21%)


  1. Paris (39%)
  2. Dublin (31%)
  3. Dubrovnik (29%)

Over 55s

  1. Paphos (29%)
  2. Algarve (25%)
  3. Riga (11%)

This data is based on the destinations each group was more likely to choose versus the average across all groups surveyed

LBA travels to more destinations than locals are aware of

Another key finding from the survey of travel-enthusiasts found that many were not aware that they could have flown from Leeds Bradford Airport for their European destination choices. 48% of those surveyed said they were unaware they could have flown from LBA. This means many holiday makers may be making unnecessary journeys to further away airports. To see if you can make your next trip more convenient, take a look at our direct destinations list.


About the survey: survey data was collected using a sample of 500 people residing within a 50 mile radius of Leeds Bradford Airport. Survey data was collected in June 2024, using a representative sample size across different age groups and demographics.


You can explore LBA’s 80+ direct destinations by visiting its website at:

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