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Crete is Greece's biggest island, and as such is an important part of the country's history, culture and economy. It has always been so: it was on this island that the Minoan civilisation, the earliest recognised civilisation in Europe, created much of what you can see today.

The remnants of the Minoan palace at Knossos have been painstakingly restored and are an absolute must-see - it's a truly unique site. But ancient ruins are not the only places of historical interest on Crete; the island was once occupied by the Venetians and the town of Rethymno and its harbour offers stunning examples of 16th century Venetian architecture.

Of course, Crete draws in millions of visitors each year for its sun and beaches, not just its history. Big, tourist-friendly beaches lined with attractions and amenities are found at Rethymno and Malia, but the coasts of the island offer beaches of all kinds to explore and enjoy. For something extra-special, look in on beaches at Itanos and Krios Lake, where you can snorkel among ancient marble monuments!

There are more things to do in Crete than you could do in a month, but highlights are Aquaplus, the giant water park just outside Hersonissos, Aquaworld aquarium at Chersonisos and the Botanical Park of Crete in Chania.

Crete is a unique experience – why not book yours today?

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