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There are few cities that have pulled off such a transformation in the past decade as successfully as Belfast. This renewal is in no small part due to the investment that's been put into the city: visit Belfast today and you'll find a plethora of beautiful hotels, hip bars and reputable restaurants to choose between.

The city centre itself has plenty to do for culture-seekers and families alike, with the Ulster Museum taking visitors through millions of years of history with science exhibits, art galleries and plenty of Northern Irish treasures. If you're into music, be sure to stop by the Oh Yeah Music Centre. Here, you'll find a thorough exploration of Northern Irish music, covering everything from age-old folk to Snow Patrol.

If you're looking for nightlife, Belfast has plenty to offer. You'll find nightclubs and traditional Irish pubs in and around the city centre as well as many independent ventures - another part of Belfast's growing reputation.

For shopping, alongside great high street experiences, a trip to Belfast isn't complete without a browse around St George's Market - perfect for catching a glimpse into Belfast's past.

Stepping away from the city centre, you'll find that there's plenty to do outdoors in Belfast. A recent trail addition to Divis and Black Mountain means that you can ramble for over four miles, experiencing incredible views over Belfast and beyond. Though small, Belfast Castle sits on a hill just north of the city, and offers amazing vistas - it's no surprise that it's an incredibly popular wedding venue.

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