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Where to have your summer wedding in Europe… just a low cost flight away


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Bride walking on sand

Sun, sea and weddings seem to be a perfect match, but deciding on the dream destination might be a harder knot to tie. To help you say yes to the address, we’ve put together a list of places where you can guarantee the weather, enjoy a romantic sunset, hit the beach and maybe even find better value packages.

Oludeniz, Turkey
Oludeniz, Turkey

Turkey, resort heaven

Turkey’s gorgeous turquoise coast and resorts perfect for wedding packages make it a great choice for heart and head. The tropical weather and lovely scenery in Oludeniz, Bodrum and Antalya can be enjoyed without too high a cost too.

Pick Oludeniz and you could even paraglide down from the national park to your beach ceremony!

Why pick Turkey as your wedding venue? Turkey is home of the all-inclusive resort and hotels are prime candidates for catering for a great wedding.

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Rope swinging over clear waters in Ibiza
Relaxing over clear waters in Ibiza

Ibiza, fashionable fun

Beachside blessings and glorious sunsets have to be a huge drawer for happy couples to the Balearic Island. That and Ibiza’s knack in offering a bit of something for everyone just a short flight away.

Peaceful, yoga retreats? Can do. High-end, luxury resorts with world-famous chefs? Present. Somewhere to really have a wedding party into the early hours? Most definitely.

Why pick Ibiza as your wedding venue? The weather is reliable, even in the off-season, and Ibiza offers a massively varied range of cosmopolitan venues.

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Cinque Terre, Italy
Cinque Terre, Italy

The Italian Riviera, the dream setting

Taking Cinque Terre as an example, the Mediterranean coastline of Italy is a jaw-droppingly pretty place to host your wedding. Flying in to Pisa should be practical and good value for most too, with many of the nicest resorts within 2 hours travel time from the airport.

Why pick Italy as your wedding venue? It’s still practical in as much as you can look forward to the food and you’ll be more than happy to stay put for the honeymoon. Package prices may creep a little higher than our other choices though.

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Luminous sea in Cyprus
Luminous sea in Cyprus

Cyprus, the island of love

The birthplace of Aphrodite, Cyprus is a Mediterranean island that knows a thing or two about love. And where better to celebrate your love than on a sunny coastline, poolside hotel or quant, whitewashed church.

Why pick Cyprus as your wedding venue? Flights are frequent and good value, accommodation is great value compared to the UK and the reliable sunshine.

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Malta's capital Valletta
Malta's capital Valletta

Malta, laid back islands

Picking Malta to host your wedding could be a great ploy for having an out of season wedding. Temperatures stay up across the year and the whole place is very photogenic. You could even choose to have a more exclusive occasion on the islets of Gozo and Comino.

Why pick Malta as your wedding venue? Malta and its islets are very pretty but also very practical too. Not only can you count on the weather, you can even legally marry in Malta without being a resident.

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